About us

Our Story

The idea to launch our own shop arose from our Instagram theatre community. On our Instagram feed we share funny sayings and memes about theatre and broadway on a daily basis. This encouraged us to launch our own shop to represent the theatre humor. Following this, our goal is to embody the theatre pride, especially in clothing and accessories in order to share it with our amazing community.

Our Approach

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. Can't find a particular product with a specific slogan? Do you have wishes or ideas for new designs? Write us and we will surely find a solution! It is also possible to order personalized clothing from us, for example if you have a group with actors. 

We always try to offer the products that our community needs and wants. You are welcome to submit ideas and suggestions, we will vote within our community and decide what we are going to publish in the shop.

All our designs are drawn with much love by ourselves. In order to keep structures as simple as possible, we work in collaboration with a manufacturer who prints and ships the products for us.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Your Stageaddict Team